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Afraid to disappoint your loved ones with a gift that will stay in the closet, with the Neosilver gift card, you are sure not to go wrong. Whether he or she is a fan of music, painting, theater or yoga, the lucky recipient will have access to hundreds of activities

I use my card

What is a Neosilver Gift?

A card valid for 2 years

on the entire Neosilver catalog, on one or more activities.

A customizable amount

As from 25€ to use among more than 500 activities all over France.

A gift for any occasion

For a birthday, Christmas or Easter, discover various activities from Neosilver all year long.

Offer a Gift Card or an Activity

carte cadeau

Add a gift package!

Add an optional gift pack when you order!

Add some enchantment by offering your card or activity in a special package, you will have the choice to prepare a personalized message that will be added to the package when completing your order.

Our detailed Gift Cards


Why give a Neosilver card?

A Neosilver card is a simple way to find or book workshops or group classes all day long, with savings of up to 50% when booking during off-peak hours. It is also an opportunity to discover all types of activities while being supervised by qualified professionals who listen to you.


Which activities are included in the offer?

All! Offering a gift card, regardless of the amount, opens the doors to a catalog of over 500 activities. You have the possibility to spend these credits on one or more activities, you will however have to complete at your expense the missing amount if your credits are not enough to pay for an activity.
Enjoy creative and artistic activities (Drawing at the Louvre or online, Pottery, Perfume creation, Theater classes, Singing, ...), cultural activities (Language classes, Writing workshops, Visits, ...), and wellness activities (Yoga, Sophrology, Dance, ...) and many others.


How to offer a gift card?

I click on the button "offer a card" or "offer an activity"


I write a personalized message for my recipient under the package "Add a personalized text for the lucky one", then I proceed to the payment.


I enter my payment information to complete my purchase.


I receive a payment confirmation email.


I receive the gift card with a code to use on the Neosilver website.


I print or forward the e-mail to my beneficiary who will be able to use his code on the Neosilver website.


I receive the package / the physical card within 3 to 6 working days*


* Time may change depending on the health situation