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"French Television 1, better known by its acronym TF1, is the first and oldest national general-interest television channel in France. It is also the first channel in Europe in terms of audience.
It was created on January 6, 1975 to succeed the first channel of the Office de diffusion de radio télévision française (ORTF)."

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"B SMART is an information media dedicated to the news of companies of all sizes. Designed as a space for reflection, analysis and expertise, it gives a voice to entrepreneurs and highlights the creation of economic, societal and environmental value by companies.
B SMART is aimed at decision-makers, working people and all those in France who think about what tomorrow's world should be like."

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"The strength of Neosilver lies in the variety of activities offered. On our platform, you can find a sophrology course, a yoga course, a language course, a cooking course, a drawing course or a conference on art; all at a distance. We also offer coaching sessions for those who would like to exchange with coaches.
We work carefully to select qualified professionals, and follow up to ensure we maintain the quality of activities that is part of our DNA."

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"The Neosilver team brings sports and cultural activities to the home by setting up a range of interactive activities via videoconference (yoga, meditation, drawing, painting, lectures, sophrology ...) to bring connection and well-being to seniors and their loved ones during this period of confinement."

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"Our goal is to prevent pathologies linked to advancing age and isolation by becoming the leading tool for booking activities dedicated to seniors in France. Our ambition is to become a key player in the silver economy sector and to offer all products and services to the autonomous senior population."

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"As the guardian of the social link, sport must be everyone's business, and leave no one by the wayside. This ideal is still poorly embodied. For example, senior citizens are still too often left to their own devices to practice a physical activity. To overcome this deficiency, Neosilver, a digital platform, was created in 2018 with the aim of centralizing sports and cultural activities specifically for seniors."

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"The classes are taught by more than 200 experienced professionals to ensure that the activities are suitable for retirees. For example, the team only works with state-certified professionals, whether they are guides for cultural tours, sports professionals or teachers in the arts."

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"Every year in France, about 650,000 people start this new stage of their lives. Retirement is finally an opportunity to have time for oneself and to be able to do all those things that one was not able to do before: learn a new language, develop one's creativity, take up dancing or photography... For all that, the offers of activities proposed to seniors remain rare or unsuitable."

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"Neosilver was on Europe 1! A big thank you to Elisabeth Assayag for having received us in her show "#LaFranceBouge" to present Neosilver and talk about Activities & Social Link for autonomous seniors. Watch an excerpt of the show with Jean Hennequin, co-founder of Neosilver, Aurélien Fleurot, journalist at Europe 1 and Luc Lesénécal, CEO of TRICOTS SAINT JAMES".

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"Via Familia, the blog for seniors, quickly fell in love with the concept deployed by Neosilver. Not only is it convenient for seniors to have access to original and varied activities, but Neosilver has also managed to adapt perfectly to the current health context. Indeed, Neosilver offers online courses supervised by qualified professionals but also face-to-face courses and workshops, in compliance with health measures"

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